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Ten of the longest-lasting celebrity partnerships in Hollywood demonstrate the enduring nature of love.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski: 16 years

Celebrity Partnerships

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. Schipper Monica/Getty Images

Shortly after they initially met in 2008, Blunt and Krasinski started dating.

In 2012, Krasinski said to Ellen DeGeneres that he had known Blunt was unique from the start.

He said, “I was so nervous when I met her.” “I thought, ‘Oh my god, I think I’m going to fall for her.'” I said, “I believe I like you,” as I shook her hand.”

They got married in Italy two years later. Together, Hazel and Violet are their two children today.

They united their personal and professional ties in 2018 when they costarred in “A Quiet Place,” which Krasinski also directed, ten years after they first met. (Celebrity Partnerships)

Before it was released, he said to Jimmy Fallon, “I’ve always been the biggest fan of her, but not into you’re in the room when she does what she does do you know why she’s so phenomenal.”

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KrisKristen Bell and Dax Shepherd years old

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell WireImage/Getty Images/George Pimentel

Bell and Shepard started dating in 2007. They shared two children after being joined in a low-key courtroom ceremony in 2013.

They are full of inspirational sayings and guidance regarding love, ranging from never giving up on a struggle to supporting couples counseling, but our favorite is Shepard’s counsel on maintaining the flame.

“Your lady wants to know that you’re still very interested in her as a human being, that there are still questions that you haven’t asked,” Shepard said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in the year 2018. “Go to dinner, ask questions, and spend the evening acting as though you just met this person at a bar,” he said. I guess that’s what makes it exciting.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake: 17 years old

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Bie

Getty ImagesHarrison Frazer/Getty Imagesand Biel

Not everything has gone well for Timberlake and Biel; in 2011, they split up for three months before trying again. They were lucky enough to have another shot, and they have been together ever since.

They had a difficult period, but Biel was always certain. According to a 2017 interview with James Corden, she still has the email she wrote early in their relationship saying, “I will marry this man,” to her producing partner.

In 2015, Biel gave birth to their son Silas after their 2012 nuptials. Following a covert pregnancy, the couple had Phineas, their second child, in 2020.

18 years between John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

chrissy teigen john legend

Teigen together with Legend. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

With the exception of a brief split in 2007, this power couple has been together ever since they first met on Harrison Frazer/Getty Images music video in 2006.

They’ve since tied the knot, made another music video together, given birth to four darling children, and built an empire.

“I look at some well-known couples and think, ‘Welp, we got it. You’re so lame, stop trying so hard. I believe that’s what people think of us, Teigen jokingly said to Vanity Fair in December 2019.

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey are 18 years old.

Matthew McConaughey wife camila alves

Both Alves and McConaughey. Christopher Polk/Getty

After dating since 2006, McConaughey and Alves were married in 2012. The laid-back couple has three children together and lives in Texas.

The “Interstellar” actor told Esquire about his proposal in 2016. “I recall striking her knee and seeing her gaze. Her face comes back to me. This grin that sprung from her feet is what I recall. He recalled her needing to catch her breath. She also delayed saying “yes.” The whole family was suddenly thinking, “Jeezus, she’s going to say no.”

However, she gave in.

He continued by saying of Alves herself, “A good woman gives a man courage and confidence — the courage to have the confidence to go and do it, to not be worried as much or consider as much what the rest of the world thinks.”

Ryan and Sterling K. Brown Michelle Bathé, eighteen

Sterling K. Brown Ryan Michelle Bathe

John Salangsang and Bathé Brown/Invision for the Television Academy/AP

In the late 1990s, Brown—who is now enjoying his first Oscar nomination—met Bathé when both were attending Stanford University. According to People, they held a more elaborate ceremony in 2007 after eloping in 2006.

After the two costarred on “Army Wives” in 2012, Bathé went on to have a recurring role on Chris Brown’s critically acclaimed show “This Is Us.” She made an appearance in the previous timeline as the mother of Brown’s character Randall’s buddy.

“Sterling and I have always laughed, if nothing else. We have always had something to chuckle about, even in the worst of circumstances. In 2019, Bathé told InStyle, “We laugh at ourselves, we laugh at each other, and we laugh with each other about ourselves.” They also laugh because of their two boys.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres: 19 years apart

ellen degeneres and portia de rossi

De Rossi and DeGeneres. Getty Images via Kevin Mazur/WireImage

DeGeneres married de Rossi in 2008 after they first connected in 2004.

When DeGeneres appeared on the cover of People magazine in October 2016, she spoke candidly about her marriage to her “best friend.” 

“Portia and I tell ourselves all the time, ‘We are so lucky.'” Before going to bed at night, I sometimes simply say “thank you” to whatever or whomever is out there while laying in bed,” the woman stated.

De Rossi organized a surprise vow renewal ceremony for her 50th birthday celebration in 2023.

Twenty years with Prince William and Kate Middleton (Celebrity Partnerships)

will and kate

Middleton and William the Prince. Chris Jackson via Getty Images

In 2004, Prince William and Kate became friends while attending St. Andrews University. They temporarily split up in 2007 but reconciled later that year. They were engaged in 2010 and married in an extravagant royal ceremony in 2011. 

Kate and William also revealed that, despite being royals, they are much like everyone else in that they enjoy having fun together. 

“Obviously we both have a very fun time together, both have a very good sense of humor about things, we’re down to earth, we take the mickey out of each other a lot, and she’s got plenty of habits that make me laugh that I tease her about,” Prince William stated when they were talking about their engagement. 

Louis, Charlotte, and George are their three children.

David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris: 20 years together

nph david burtka

Burtka and Harris. Getty Images/VF15/Larry Busacca

The power couple’s memories of their encounter on NYC’s 9th Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets diverge greatly. They subsequently told Out magazine that Harris remembered meeting a “James Dean-type guy in a leather jacket” who hardly gave him the time of day, while Burtka remembered being kind and just somewhat acquainted with Harris’s work. 

The rest is history—they went on a date to watch the movie “Taking Lives” later in 2004. Harper and Gideon, the twins, were born in 2010 and the couple were married in 2014. 

Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen: 20 years together

Seth Rogen  and Lauren Miller Oscars 2017 Sausage party

Miller and Rogen. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

According to what Rogen and Miller told Haute Living Magazine in 2015, their first date was everything out of a romance novel: they played Spanish Scrabble till dawn and prepared grilled cheeses at four in the morning.

The pair founded Hilarity for Charity, a nonprofit devoted to educating millennials about Alzheimer’s disease, as a way to work together on a subject that is very important to them.

What is Rogen’s key to a happy marriage? Rogen said to ET, “We watch a lot of television.”



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