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15 famous pairs with the biggest age differences in relationships: Madonna, Cher, Al Pacino, the Clooneys, and more beloved Hollywood stars

Celebrity relationships make headlines in Hollywood, particularly when there’s a big age difference. Celebrity couples, such as the Clooneys and the recently prominent Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah, often overcome notable Age Differences in Relationships.

Celebrities that don’t let aging stop them from doing what they love include Madonna and Cher.

The 21 celebrity couples in this article are arranged according to the largest age discrepancies. Are you eager to find out who else was included? Continue reading.

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Age Differences in Relationships

Noor Alfallah and Al Pacino: 54 years old

Al Pacino, 83, and Noor Alfallah, 29, had a son in the summe) of 2023, according to TMZ, after what was believed to be a year-long courtship. Pacino, according to TMZ, “was so certain he could not get his girlfriend or anyone else pregnant” and asked for a DNA test. It was his fourth kid. The pair, who were 54 years apart, had been rumored to have broken up, but TMZ claims it was untrue. Alfallah is an entertainer who was formerly in a relationship with Mick Jagger, the frontman of The Rolling Stones.

Age Differences in Relationships

Alexander Edwards and Cher: 40 years apart

Although there is still some ambiguity about Alexander Edwards and Cher’s relationship, the singer doesn’t care what other people think about her connection to the 36-year-old music entrepreneur. +++Following her latest tirade against internet critics, she wrote, “Love doesn’t know math, it sees.” Whether this emerging affection develops into a committed partnership remains to be seen.

Age Differences in Relationships

Sunny Ozell and Patrick Stewart: 38 years apart

In 2008, Patrick Stewart went to a restaurant in N)w York and met Sunny Ozell, his wife. 2013 saw the couple’s marriage. Even though the two are about 40 years apart in age, the pair seems content and has a wonderful sense of humor about it.

Josh Popper and Madonna: 35 years apart ” Age Differences in Relationships “

In March 2023, Madonna seemingly declared her relationship with 2)-year-old boxer Josh Popper to be “Instagram official”. The 64-year-old Queen of Pop was allegedly dating Popper a month earlier after the boxing teacher shared pictures of the two on Instagram. The “Ray of Light” singer’s son, David Banda, was taught by Popper at his own gym in New York, Bredwinners, where the two first met, according to The Daily Mail.

31 years apart, Nicolas Cage and Riko Shibata

In 2021, in Las Vegas, actor Nicolas Cage, 60, wed Riko Shibata, 29, for the six)h time. Shibata resided in Japan, where the pair first met. According to reports, Cage proposed to her over FaceTime and FedExed her a ring.

31 years between Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

2015 saw the reunion of Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor, who had first met at a party around ten years earlier) They have now stopped talking negatively about their age gap and have instead been encouraging and supportive of one another. Paulson said in an interview that the reason people obsess about age differences is because of “our own ageist thinking and the idea that to be old is to cease to have any desire.”

26 years between Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

Since 2007, 79-year-old Rod Stewart and 53-year-old Penny Lancaster have been wed. They had a difficult beginning when they)first met in 1999. They were married again in 2017 and have two boys together, Alistair and Aiden.

26 years between Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

One star and one non-celebrity make up the unusual Hollywood pair Alec and Hilaria Baldwin. Alec proposed t) Hilaria in 2012 when they were dining out in New York, and the couple was married in less than two years. Together, they are parents of seven kids.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones: 25 years together

Celebrity couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have successfully navigated their age difference. The c)uple were married a few years after they first met at the Deauville Film Festival in 1998. With the exception of a short difficult period in 2013, the pair has seemed to have a steady relationship. They have two children, Dylan and Carys.

25 years between Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner

The Jenner-Kardashian stars’ “mom-ager” Since 2014, 68-year-old Kris Jenner has been dating 43-year-old actress and producer Corey Gamble. Jenner was divorcing Caitlyn Jenner at the time, and the pair didn’t make their Instagram account public until 2015.

24 years separate Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Due to their large age gap, director Sam Taylor-Johnson,57, recently spoke about the “uncomfortable” criticism surrounding her marriage to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 33. She told The Hollywood Reporter, “There are times when it’s uncomfortable,” adding that they “zone out” and concentrate on their families and solitude. When they first got together in 2009, she was 42 years old and he was 18 on the “Nowhere Boy” set.

Emma Heming and Bruce Willis are 23 years old.

Emma Heming, 45, and retired American actor Bruce Willis initially connected in 2007 at their trainer’s gym. After just two years of dating, the couple tied the knot and went on to raise two kids together.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart: 22 years apart

Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford started dating in 2002 and have been together for 20 years. A year before to meeting Ford, Lockhart adopted their only kid. Living in Wyoming, they keep their private life out of the public eye. In their relationship, Calista claims that their age gap is a “non-issue,” adding, “sometimes I even say, wow, I keep forgetting that he’s 22 years older than me.”

Twenty years between Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley began dating in 2011, but after a protracted engagement, the Victoria’s Secret model and actor have not yet tied the knot. They did, however, seem to be fairly stable and this year welcomed their second kid.

Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy are 19 years old.

Since 2012, American comedian and actor Eddie Murphy, 63, has been seeing Paige Butcher, a woman 19 years younger than him. At the time, Butcher, 44, said she was keeping her romance a secret. Max Charles and Izzy Oona are their two joint children.



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