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Kannada Actor Darshan Thoogudeepa Arrested In A Murder Case

Darshan Thugoodeepa Arrested: Bengalurian’s, especially the fans of Darshan Thugoodeepa woke-up to a shocking news yesterday, on 11th June. A leading star of Kannada film industry, Darshan got arrested in murder case of 32 years old Renukaswamy, that happened few days before.

Darshan Thoogudeepa Arrested

Sandalwood actor, 47 years old Darshan Thoogudeepa got arrested in murder case of an young boy from Bengaluru recently. As per the reports, 32 years old Renukaswamy (Guy who got murdered) was involved in some cyber crime, making derogatory comments about actress Pavitra Gowda. And sending some improper pics of Pavitra Gowda to blackmail. Pavitra Gowda is a close friend of Darshan Thoogudeepa. Also, recently there were some rumors that Darshan is in affair with Pavitra Gowda.

Dead body of Renukaswamy was recovered near a bridge in Summanalli Bengaluru, on 9th of June. Post the police investigation of the body, they found several severe wounds and attacks on Renukaswamy’s body. And police confirmed that it’s a group attack. Darshan Thoogudeepa, along with other 10 people are arrested so far in the murder case. And police is conducting a thorough investigation on the matter.

Renukaswamy 32 Years Old Man Murder In Bengaluru

It is said that, Renukaswamy was first abducted and kept in a strange place for sometime. There he was attacked by group of men and beaten hardly before he died. Police is conducting the investigation that whether he was purposefully murdered or he passed away after the attack.

Renukaswamy is basically from Chitradurga, who was married recently. And his wife is carrying their first child now. His whole family is seeking justice for the death of their young son, who was the earning person of the family.

Whatever the reason is, but the whole fan base of Darshan Thoogudeepa is eagerly waiting for the thorough investigation of the case.



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