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Once again, it’s that time of year! Hollywood celebrities kicked in 2019 with a bang, gracing the Golden Globes red carpet and taking the internet by storm with their breathtaking beauty looks. Even though every year all of Hollywood’s celebrities walk the red carpet, some of them dazzled us with their exquisite beauty (Hair and Makeup Styles) looks this year. Everything that was conceivable came to pass, from the roster trends to the red carpet trends they started!

Some of the newest beauty trends from the runway are being adopted by these ladies in the film business and styled for the red carpet. And we cherished it!

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Hathway Anne

Hair and Makeup Styles

This year, the Princess Diaries actress looked stunning on the red carpet. We must say, quite the change from her days of pink cheeks! Her makeup was able to pop because of her polished hair. She went for the current trend of wearing a nude lip, but the hues she chose gave her a gentle shine rather than masking her skin tone. Her otherwise simple appearance is enhanced with a gorgeous eyeliner and a sparse brow.

Theron Charlize IMAGE IMAGE

Charlize Theroux’s hair at the 2019 Golden Globes is everything. It’s half up, half down, elegant, and amazing. We like it when hair stylists set aside time to create a true piece of art. Her blond hair with the tiny ribbon tie adds the perfect pop of color without being garish! The subtle blush and bronzer, along with the coral-nude lip, are also flawless.

Emily Blunt IMAGE

She never fails to wow on the red carpet, but this time she set a new trend with her gorgeous outfit and the grey smoky eye! We loved how she kept the rest of her appearance understated and allowed her eye makeup speak for itself. When it comes to updos, her diamond-encrusted dutch braid in her hair wins hands down. The thing we liked the most was that she left it a bit disheveled—exactly how braids are meant to look!

Belle Camilla ” Hair and Makeup Styles “


This has to be the most gorgeous eye makeup seen on the Golden Globes red carpet this year. We are in love with Camilla Belle’s bold teal eye makeup look. They didn’t stop there! They gave her mascara and similarly dramatic eyeliner that elevated the appearance to a whole new level.

Pike, Rosamund IMAGE

Rosamund Pike was the picture of perfection on the Golden Globe red carpet this year, so look no further if you’re looking for cosmetics inspiration. She applied makeup that matched the graphic style of her clothing and her red carpet appearance. They opted for a matte lip, neat brows, and a clean foundation. The focal point of her whole beauty appearance was her hair!

Emma Stone IMAGE

On the Golden Globes red carpet this year, Emma Stone looked flawless if “princess” was the go-to term for hair and cosmetics. She looked dreamy with pearls in her hair and a dewy makeup appearance.

Gemma Chan IMAGE

The ideal red pout is a must-have on this list! Actress Gemma Chan from Crazy Rich Asians looked stunning with a red lip color at the 2019 Golden Globes. She also used subtle eyeliner with a winged effect. We like how her crimson lip stood out even more since the rest of her makeup was kept natural.

Kate Mara IMAGE

We like it when two bold styles are combined into one red carpet presentation! Kata Mara opted to wear a high bun with a gold band and a red lip. Among all the red and nude lips, the wine-stained lip color was an ideal pick. Her sleek hair gave the face a whole new, angular structure that went nicely with the makeup!

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Lupita Nyong’o IMAGE

Lupita is the master of color cosmetics, particularly when it comes to red carpet appearances. Lupita wore a metallic lip, blue mascara, and blue eyeliner at the Golden Globes this year. Overdoing it? Nope! She really improved the overall appearance by merely lining the undereye and allowing the blue mascara take center stage. That lip polish is also here to stay!

Gaga, Lady


We were infatuated with this amazing appearance as everyone else was speculating about whether her dress was periwinkle or lilac. Even though blue hair is smurfy, we thought it was great that she chose an ombré blue tint to go with her stunning outfit. She never fails, so why not try her with a nude lip and a shimmer in her eyes?



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