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When You Need a Good Cry, Watch These 40 Sad Movies

With a box of tissues in hand, watch these Sad Movies that will make you cry uncontrollably (in the greatest way imaginable).

The greatest heartbreakers ever

These aren’t your average depressing films. Audiences are counting on the fact that they will make you weep a lot. The so-called “weepies,” as they were referred to in the bygone Hollywood period, are still a popular genre today, with several of them being considered among the greatest films ever made. However, why do we like subjecting ourselves to such mental torture? It’s cathartic, to start. Sometimes all you need to do is weep it all out, and strangely, once the vicarious anguish passes, you feel better. Heartbreaking movies also help us get closer to our own hearts by letting us feel intense feelings and reassuring us that we’re not alone. And in some, tears are mixed with intimate and triumphant moments to give us a deeper understanding of the complexity of the human experience.

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This collection includes everything from beloved cartoon flicks and family films to award-winning pictures, historical dramas that tackle injustice, and films from the royal family. In addition, there are many romantic films available for the romantics in the household, along with general quality films that you really must see. However, be advised that these movies will completely ruin you. So gather some tissues and watch these depressing films; they will provide you with a much-needed emotional release.

Sad Movies

Conditions of Endearment

Published in 1983


Director: Brooks, James L.

In this timeless melancholic film interspersed with humorous and inspirational moments, Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine play the ideal mother-daughter duo. Though they are great friends, the two also drive each other crazy. MacLaine’s portrayal of an ardent mother earned her the Best Actress Oscar. When she screams at the nursing staff to get her daughter some pain medication—stat!—we defy you not to cry throughout the scenario! I wish you success in maintaining composure throughout the farewell moments at the hospital. These depressing novels should be on your must-read list if you like shedding tears while reading.

Sad Movies

The Dead Poets Society

Published in 1989


Peter Weir, director

As the driven English professor John Keating, who encourages his pupils to follow their own passions, Robin Williams is at the height of his abilities. However, when one of his pupils goes too far, he finds himself embroiled in controversy, just as all free thinkers do. This is one of those depressing films where you won’t be able to stop crying along with the characters. Listen for some of the most well-known movie phrases ever before the tears begin.

The Fault In Our Stars

The Stars Are Not Right ” Sad Movies “

Published in 2014

PG-13 in rating

JPG-rated is the director.

In this heartwarming love story based on the best-selling novel by John Green, two teenagers named Hazel Grace and Gus jest about the benefits of having cancer when they meet in a support group. The two get enamored with one another and a book that motivates them to go to Amsterdam once in a lifetime to meet their favorite writer. You may likely weep throughout their last act because of how heartfelt, realistic, and meaningful their narrative is. These other works have been adapted into films.

Henry Thomas In 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial'

Extraterrestrial (ET)

Published in: 1982

RatPG-ratedteven Spielberg is the director.

Yes, this iconic Steven Spielberg film will have you in tears long before the mothership takes off in the finale. Young Elliott makes a buddy with the small, space-faring botanist, and they connect over Reese’s Pieces—who wouldn’t? For the last sequences, which include saying goodbye—but not permanently—keep your composure. “I’ll be right here,” says E.T., pointing a luminous finger directly at your heart. Do you like to listen to some more classics from the past? View this ranking of the finest Star Wars films.

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Shadow Domains

Published in 1993

Rated: PG

Richard Attenborough is the director.

The author of The ChrPG-ratedf Narnia, C.S. Lewis, has a very teary-eyed real-life love story. The legendary author, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, would break down in tears in front of the wardrobe that served as the inspiration for the well-known book series. When the love of his life, portrayed by Debra Winger (who previously made you cry in Terms of Endearment), is diagnosed with an uncommon form of bone cancer, it is heartbreaking. A little consolation is that the English landscape is as luxuriant as the love tale. You may need a little pick-me-up after this one, so here’s one of the greatest comedic films ever made.

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Imitation Of Life

Replicate Life

Published in 1959


Douglas Sirk is the director.

In this award-winning performance, Lana Turner portrays a single mother who becomes famous with the assistance of her devoted maid and best friend, Juanita Moore. Director Douglas Sirk was adept at layering sarcasm over gloss and glamour. In the second half, Sandra Dee makes an appearance as Lana’s daughter and once begs her mother to “quit acting!” It’s sequined, soap operatic, and theatrical. Even yet, when Mahalia Jackson starts singing at a royal burial, you won’t be able to contain your emotions. These movie musicals will have you singing in no time if you like Hollywood oldies.

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Steel Magnolias

Magna Steel

Published in 1989

Rated: PG

Herbert Ross is the director.

In thisPG-ratedrned film, Sally Field excels as an actress and plays the role of one of the best buddies who gets together over gossip and hairstyles. Dolly Parton, Olympia Dukakis, and Shirley MacLaine complete the group of ladies who fret over Julia Roberts’s character’s condition. Field gives a heartfelt performance in a funeral sequence that will make you cry. Largely. Do you want to revisit everyone’s favorite decade? These TV series from the 1980s will make you feel nostalgic without making you cry.

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Sense And Sensibility

Sensibility and Sense

Published in 1995

Rated: PG

Ang Lee is the director.

Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson play an unlucky pair in this Jane Austen drama that pales in comparison to the drama surrounding Marianne Dashwood (Kate Winslet) and her awful boyfriend choices. When you believe Marianne has finally found happiness with the handsome Colonel Brandon (Alan Rickman), you are pleasantly shocked with an even better conclusion! Crying, untidy, uncontrollably happy tears were just what this lovely romance needed at its conclusion. These romantic books will likewise engross you in the most delightful manner.

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Brokeback Mountain

The Brokenback Mountain

Published in 2005

rated R

Ang Lee is the director.

The captivating performances of Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger, who portray ranch workers who create a romance while tending sheep alone on a mountain, bring this highly acclaimed LGBTQ film to life. As they each attempt to forget about one other and go on with their lives, their love story develops over time. By the time it’s over, you’ve been engrossed in their lives and are overcome with the pain that lies underneath love that is banned due to prejudice and hatred.



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