Howard Buffett Net Worth 2023

Howard Graham Buffett is a well known American businessman, philanthropist, author, farmer and a formal politician

Born on 16th December 1954, Howard Buffet is the Middle child of billionaire investor Warren Buffet

As of October 2023, Howard Buffett Net Worth is $450 Million.

Archer Daniels, Midland company ConAgra foods, the JCI group, Coca-Cola are the major companies he has invested/collaborated.

Presently He is a CEO and chairman of Howard Buffett Foundation - known for humanization environmental projects.

He owns about 30,177 shares of Lindsay Corp (LNN) stock worth over $3 Million

Between 1989 -1992 starting as a politician Howard Buffett worked as a Commissioner in Douglas country.

Howard Buffered has been a co-author and publisher of many books - – Images of a Wild (2000) – On the Edge (2001) – Tapestry of Life (2002)

Howard Buffet is also involved in multiple philanthropist activities. donated millions of dollars to Ukraine.