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Howard Buffett Net Worth 2023, His Assets, Early Career & Complete Bio 

Howard Buffett Net Worth – Howard Graham Buffett is a well known American businessman, philanthropist, author, farmer and a formal politician who is counted among the popular billionaires. Born on 16th December 1954, in Omaha, Howard Buffet is the middle child of the great billionaire investor Warren Buffet. Along with a greatest businessman title Howard is also known to have interest in photography.

Many show interest in how he got his name. Well, here is the story behind the Howard Buffet. Benjamin Graham, is the name of Warren Buffet’s favorite professor in college. And Howard Buffet is also the name of Warren’s father. So, Howard Buffet is named after his grandpa and Warren’s favorite professor as “Howard Graham Buffet’‘. Howard is brought up in Nebraska, along with his two siblings, elder sister Susan and his younger brother, Peter.

Billionaire Howard Buffett Net Worth & Investments

As of October 2023, Howard Buffett Net Worth is estimated to be $400 Million. Some other sources also says Howard Buffett Net Worth has reached $500 million as of October 2023. He has made major investments and collaborated in multiple businesses and corporations.

Archer Daniels, Midland company ConAgra foods, the JCI group, Coca-Cola are some of the huge companies where Howard has been a partner. Read about this accident attorney of USA, who has highest net worth like Howard Buffet.

Currently, He is a CEO and chairman of Howard Buffett Foundation which is known for supporting humanization environmental projects.

As of October 2023, Howard Buffett is the Director of Lindsay Corp and owns about 30,177 shares of Lindsay Corp (LNN) stock worth over $3 Million. He also owns 4 companies in total, including Coca-Cola Co (KO), Lindsay Corp (LNN), and Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRK.A) among others.

Full NameHoward Graham Buffett
Howard Buffett Net Worth$ 400 million
ProfessionBusinessman, Philanthropist, Farmer and a Formal politician
Date of Birth16th Dec, 1954

Howard Buffett had a great interest in photography,  business, politics, and agriculture from his childhood. Later on when Howard grew up, he started keeping an eye towards several business projects and political fundamentals.

In August 1977 at the age of 23, Howard Buffet married Marcia Sue Duncan. Later he again married Devon Morse and on 14th October 1983, they gave birth to a son which was called Devon Armour Gross.

Howard Graham Buffett Education & Business Career

Howard Buffet completed his education from Harvard University. He has interest in various types of fields and skills where Howard has worked as a photographer and writer in his earlier life .

Howard Buffett began his career initially working as a farmer in Tekamah Nebraska in 1977.

In 1991 Howard Graham Buffett was announced as the director of Archer Daniels Midland company. Between 1991 and 1995 he also served as a director for GSI  group, Coca Cola Enterprises and Berkshire Hathaway. In late 1995 Howard  also worked  for Lindsay Corporation as a director.

  • He was a director at Agro Tech foods and Sloan Implement till October 2006.
  • For the well known company Coca-Cola Howard Buffett became a director on 9th December 2010.
  • In the month of December 2011 Warner Buffet announced that Howard would further succeed with bulkshire Hathway as a role of non-executive chairman.

Howard Buffett Political Career

Between 1989 -1992 starting as a politician Howard Buffett worked as a Commissioner in Douglas country. Along with it he also served as Chairman at Ethanol Authority Development Board in Nebraska.

Howard Buffet is being assigned as a volunteer with the county Sheriff for a couple of years where he was appointed as Sheriff through the Howard Buffett Foundation.

In January 2019 Howard Buffered with the help of used money donated to several charitable Foundation which was governed by his father. On 3rd May 2021 Howard Buffett announced that he would go for managing the republican nomination towards the challenge of improving a democratic Sheriff Tony Brown.

Howard Buffet As A Philanthropist

Howard also involved multiple philanthropist activities along with his other business domains. He was particularly working with his father in the Howard G Foundation Buffett Foundation as a CEO and chairman for a long period of time.

Buffet was a founder of the international Cheetah conservation Foundation. Later  in 2010 he also played an important role in the Eastern Congo Initiative.

Other Information related to Howard Buffett

Howard Buffered has been a co-author and publisher of many more books based on political issues, self – help and business terms. Here are books where Howard played his role of Commissioner author and publisher-

  • Images of a Wild (2000)
  • On the Edge (2001)
  • Tapestry of Life (2002)
  • Taking Care of Our World (2002)
  • Spot before Your Eyes (2003)
  • Threatened Kingdom (2005 )
  • Fragile (2009 )
  • Forty Changes ( 2014)
  • 50 States Border Crisis ( 2018 )

Recently,  In 2023 Howard Buffett is seen talking in a media conference about Russian Invasion. He was discussing how his company donated millions of dollars to Ukraine.



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