Loki Season 2 Episode 4  Unexpected Twists

Welcome to the recap of Loki Season 2 Episode 4. This episode was packed with unexpected events

O.B. or Ouroborus spelled out the meaning of his name. He admitted that every invention of his was inspired by Victor Timely’s journals

Victor Timely, played by Jonathan Majors, turned into a formidable force as one of the variants of Kang

Victor Timely showed unexpected bravery and took up the responsibility of fixing the temporal loom

Victor walked through the blast doors exposing himself to the temporal radiation, was instantly spaghettified.

The Temporal Loom is now damaged beyond repair and Victor Timely laid down his life in an attempt to fix it

The episode ended with a major cliffhanger as the loom exploded.

The episode dances around the question of mortality, toying with our emotions as it flirts with death. Is he really dead?

Lets Wait For The Episode 5, Which Is Scheduled To Release In November.