10 Best Places to Live in the US

Hickory, North Carolina

Famous for affordable living, and less crowded compared to neighboring spots like Charlotte and Asheville.

Tampa, Florida

Warm weather, ample beach access, and low crime rates make it a desirable place.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Offers quality of life with access to quality education, health care

Sarasota, Florida

Famous for its warm climate and vibrant arts scene

Charlotte, North Carolina

Offers a balance of professional opportunities and exciting culture.

Des Moines, Iowa

Known for its strong job market and affordability

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Offers a strong community spirit and love for football

Quad Cities

Known for its average morning commute of just 20 minutes.

Carmel, Indiana

Miles of connected paths and trails make it one of the best places to live in the US.

Boulder, Colorado

Known for its strong sense of community, education, and outdoor recreation.